COBOL Debugging Options

You can specify options that control the behavior when debugging Micro Focus COBOL in Tools > Options > Debugging, and on the COBOL page.

Native COBOL

Step into inline PERFORM statements when using Step Over
By default, Step Over (F10) skips inline PERFORM statements.
Check this option to enable stepping into inline PERFORM statements when you use Step Over. Works with native code only.
Suspend at 'stop run'
Causes the program being debugged to pause when a 'stop run' statement is reached.
Note: When the program has been paused at stop run, you can stop debugging only by choosing Debug > Stop Debugging.
Show load and stack frame information for system programs
Enables the load information for system programs such as Adis and the File Handler to be displayed in the Output and in the Modules windows.

If this setting is unchecked, any system stack frames are hidden in the Call Stack debug window.

Program breakpoint on main entry point only
Check this option to specify that a program breakpoint causes execution to stop only when the Procedure Division entry point is called. With this option unchecked, which is the default, a program breakpoint causes execution to stop on any entry point to the program and on return to the program from a call.
Debug as a console application for INT/GNT or Library projects
Check this if you want to use RUN.EXE to debug .int or .gnt code, or library projects in Visual Studio. By default, this is not enabled and RUNW.EXE is used as trigger.

Expanded Copybook View Behavior

Enable inline step into copybooks
Enables inline step into copybooks.
Note: This option is only active if the Enable expanded copybook view setting on the Tools > Options > Text Editor > Micro Focus COBOL > Advanced page is set to True.

Tooltip Style

Show COBOL OCCURS or reference modification value
Specifies whether the debug tooltip for subscripted OCCURS items should display the elements of arrays (unchecked) or display the value of the current expression (checked).
You can change your preference for the tooltip style directly in the editor - right-click in the editor, click COBOL Debug Tooltip Style and either enable or disable Show COBOL OCCURS or reference modification value.
Show qualified name for data items
Enables you to control how qualified names are displayed in the tooltip and debug tool windows:
  • When checked, the tooltips show the fully qualified names of variables such as c of b of a.
  • When unchecked, the tooltips show the shortened names of variables such as c when c is defined as c of b of a.

You can also specify the following options in Tools > Options > Debugging that are applicable to Micro Focus projects:

Just-In-Time page
Check Micro Focus Native Debugger to enable just-in-time debugging for when the application fails.
Symbols page
Add a new folder by clicking New Folder, and in the Symbol file locations list, enter the absolute path to the .idy files. This makes the symbol files (.idy) available for debugging.