ACUCOBOL-GT format 6 SET extension.


SET { env-name TO env-value } ...
Note: The CONFIGURATION option that is supported in ACUCOBOL-GT is not supported in Visual COBOL.

Syntax Rules

  1. env-name is a nonnumeric literal or data item.
  2. env-value is a USAGE DISPLAY numeric or nonnumeric literal or data item. If numeric, it must be an integer.

General Rules

  1. A format 6 SET statement is used to set environment variables. ACUCOBOL-GT maintains a set of configuration variables that can affect various aspects of the run-time system. These variables can be initially set in the ACUCOBOL-GT run-time system configuration file described in Appendix H of the ACUCOBOL-GT Appendices Manual. The Format 6 SET statement can be used to modify these values at run time.
    Note: ACUCOBOL-GT allows you to set run-time system configuration variables and to change their values. This COBOL system does not support this functionality.