Installing a standalone network license server

A separate installer is available so that License Manager can be installed on a machine without needing to install a product.

  1. Log into the Software Licenses and Downloads (SLD) site at .
  2. Select your account and click Entitlements.
  3. Search for the product by using any of the available search parameters.
  4. Click Show all entitlements.
  5. Click Get Software in the Action column for the product you want to download or update.

    In the File Type column, you see entries for "Software" for any GA products, and "Patch" for any patch updates.

  6. Click Download on the relevant row.
  7. From the Downloads section, select the product name and version you are using.
  8. In the list of software downloads, locate the License Manager.
  9. Click Download to download an archive with the installers.
  10. Run the installer suitable for your Operating System to install License Manager on your machine.

By default, installing the License Manager installs both AutoPass and the Sentinel RMS licensing technology, except in these scenarios:

  • On 64-bit-only products, License Manager installs only AutoPass
  • On 32-bit Windows, License Manager installs only Sentinel RMS