Configuring IntelliSense for COBOL - Completion Lists

To configure the behavior of COBOL completion lists for IntelliSense, click Tools > Options > Text Editor > Micro Focus COBOL > IntelliSense.

You can specify the following options:

Completion Lists

Show completion lists after a character is typed
Check this for IntelliSense to automatically show and update a list of suggestions for words and identifiers as you are typing.
Include reserved words
Check this to see suggestions for COBOL reserved words. Only applies to native COBOL.
Include code snippets
Check this to see suggestions for code snippets.
Include system copybooks in copybooks list
Check this for the completion lists for COPY statements to also include copybooks that are external to the project but are included using the COBCPY environment variable.
Include extension methods
Enables the display of the available extension methods in the IntelliSense lists.
Include XML/JSON special registers
Enables the display of the XML and JSON special registers as identifiers in the IntelliSense lists.