Build and Run the Project

Build the project(s) within the solution and then run the application.
  1. Click Build > Build Solution.

    The Application Output window displays information about the progress of the build result.

    The build checks for any files that have changed and does two things:

    • Compiles any files affected by the changes.
    • Relinks the built files if necessary.

    If there are any problems, they are displayed in the Error List window. Double-click an entry to jump to the particular area of the code in error.

  2. Press F5 to run the application.

    The following appears:

    Sample output showing text with foreground color blue, background color cyan, foreground color magenta, foreground color green, and background color brown

  3. Press any key to end the application.
This concludes the tutorial in which we have created a Visual COBOL project, configured it to be highly compatible with RM/COBOL source code, and then run a small RM/COBOL program.