Application Server JCA support for Enterprise Server

Lists supported and tested JCA application servers for Enterprise Server .
Restriction: This feature applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.
On Windows platforms, most JCA testing is done on 64-bit platforms; however, while not explicitly tested, most 32-bit platforms are also supported as indicated below.
Third-party Java Application Servers
With regard to support for each third-party Java Application Server supported version, Micro Focus:
  • Provides support until end-of-service (EOS) dates provided by the JAS vendor
  • If your deployment requires support for a given JAS beyond the vendor’s EOS dates, check with Customer Support for availability of Extended Support Plus options
  • Encourages you to include third-party JAS consideration when planning an upgrade to your Micro Focus product
Resolving reported issues
With regard to resolving reported issues with Micro Focus software while using a third-party Java Application Server, Micro Focus:
  • Attempts to resolve issues for supported JASs on tested or untested platforms
  • Investigates issues involving planned but not yet supported JASs and attempts to resolve non-architectural issues that also occur in latest supported JAS version
Operating System/Platform JBoss EAP 7.x (where x>=1.4) IBM WebSphere 8.5.5, 9.0, Liberty y.0.0.x (where y>=19) Oracle WebLogic 12.2.1 Apache Tomcat 9.0
x86-64 running Windows X X X X
Current support
The following Java application server base versions and incremental releases are supported in this release of Visual COBOL:
Supported App Server base version Tested App Server version 2 JDK (vendor) Java EE COBOL RA
Apache Tomcat 9.0 1 9.0.40 1.8 (AdoptOpenJDK)    
IBM WebSphere 8.5.5 1.7 (IBM) 6 X
IBM WebSphere 9.0 1.8 (IBM) 7 X
IBM WebSphere Liberty y.0.0.x (where y>=19) 1.8 (IBM) 7 X
JBoss EAP 7.1.x (where x>=4)   1.8 (Oracle)

1.8 (AdoptOpenJDK)

7 X
Oracle WebLogic 12.2.x 1.8 (Oracle) 7 X
1 Apache Tomcat is an HTTP server and servlet container supporting Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP). Micro Focus Tomcat non-transactional support includes servlet generation with J2SE Beans; no transactional support is provided. Tomcat does not support the use of Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) or resource adapters (RAs).

2 Java EE 7, including support for EJB 3.2 and Java Connector Architecture 1.7, is supported for the deployment of EJBs generated using the Interface Mapping Toolkit .


Please consult your Application Server documentation to determine which JDK you should use. The JDK is used to :

  • Start the Application Server
  • Compile EJBs and Servlets generated by the Interface Mapping Toolkit or the imtkmake command
Planned support
Note: Limited JCA testing is done for planned support.

Support for Oracle WebLogic 14.1.x is planned for a future release.