Supported .NET Core Providers

Describes the .NET Core providers available for use with SQL.


Important: When using the ADO MicroFocus.COBOL.SqlCLR.Runtime package with the SQL(DBMAN=ADO) directive, you must use a TYPE 6 connection string. See Sample SQL ADO Connection Strings for .NET Core for examples.

The SQL ADO runtime package already includes support for the SQL Server .NET Core provider by virtue of a dependency, which is the System.Data.SqlClient package.

For other ADO providers, the following table shows the .NET Core providers that Micro Focus has tested with and their corresponding NuGet packages:

Database NuGet Package
IBM DB2 IBM.Data.DB2.Core

IBM provides separate provider packages for Windows and Linux: IBM.Data.DB2.Core for Windows and IBM.Data.DB2.Core-lnx for Linux.

MySQL MySql.Data
Oracle Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Core
PostgreSQL Npgsql
SQL Server System.Data.SqlClient

This is already included as part of the MicroFocus.COBOL.SqlCLR.Runtime package via a dependency.

Note: For all of these ADO providers, when defining the TYPE 6 connection string in code, the Factory key value is the same as the package name. See Sample SQL ADO Connection Strings for .NET Core for examples to ensure that you set the Factory key correctly for your provider.


When using either the ODBC MicroFocus.COBOL.SQLODBC32.Runtime package or the ODBC MicroFocus.COBOL.SQLODBC64.Runtime package with the SQL(DBMAN=ODBC) directive, you can use any type of connect statement.