Delete a Record

  1. In the Micro Focus Data File Tools window, ensure you have the required data file open. If you are in Shared mode, click The Switch to Exclusive Mode icon (Switch to Exclusive Mode).
  2. In the left-hand pane, right-click the required record, then click Delete Record.
    Tip: You can select multiple records to delete at once using one of the following selection methods:
    • To select a range of records, click on the first record you need, then hold the SHIFT key and click on the last record you need.
    • To select multiple non-consecutive records, hold the CTRL key while you click on required records.

      You can also use a combination of these two methods to select multiple records.

    • To select all records in the current page, press CTRL + A.
  3. If you are not using a temporary file for your edits, you are prompted to confirm the deletion from the file: click Yes to confirm. If you are using a temporary file for your edits (indicated by [TEMP] displayed in the file lock indicator), the record is removed, and you must click Save all changes to file icon (Save all changes to file) after all your edits are made to confirm deletion.
    Note: If you delete a record in error whilst using a temporary file, click Revert all changes icon (Revert all changes) to restore the deleted records.
    Tip: You can also delete records by cutting them using the Cut option on the Edit menu, or pressing Ctrl+X.