Deploying EJBs Overview

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.

An EJB running a COBOL service runs in two places: the COBOL service runs under an enterprise server, and the EJB and client run under a third party Java EE application server, such as WebSphere or WebLogic.

You deploy the COBOL service from the .car file or, if you are a developer, by using the Deploy tool in the Interface Mapping Toolkit.

You deploy the EJB and client by deploying the following to a Java EE application server:

Many Java EE application servers are supported, such as WebLogic and WebSphere. Each application server has different deployment requirements and different utilities to help.

Note: To avoid a resource adapter and EJB mismatch, possibly causing a variance in behavior on your application server, be sure your resource adapters are deployed as follows:
EJB Type Deployed Resource Adapter
Transactional mfocbol-xa or mfcobol-localtx transactional resource adapter
Non-transactional mfcobol-notx