Getting Direct References

Note: This functionality is only available if you are connected to a Enterprise Analyzer or COBOL Analyzer repository.
Note: Getting Direct References from Solution Explorer is limited to Native COBOL projects and COBOL files.

As a developer, you need to be able to see if changing a file will affect the other files in your project as well as the files in the whole application. To do that, you need to establish a connection to the Micro Focus Analysis Server first.

There are two ways to get the direct references for files: from Solution Explorer and from the Analysis Server window.
  • From Solution Explorer:
    • Select one or more files, right-click and select Micro Focus Analysis Server > Get Direct References. The Analysis Server window opens.
  • From the Analysis Server window:
    • In the search field in the top right corner, type file names separated by commas and press Enter.
Alternatively, you can open Analysis Server from Server Explorer:
  • Right-click Micro Focus Analysis Server and select Analysis Server.
The Analysis Server window displays information about the references such as copybooks used, calls to other programs, JCL files, etc. The results also include information about server paths and local paths. You can customize the columns that are displayed and the grouping of the results. The columns you can select are: Reference, Server Path, Local Path, Relation, Query File, Query File Type, Directory and Type. You can group the results by: Reference, Server Path, Relation, Query File, Query File Type, Directory and Type. To select columns to display or change the grouping of the results, right-click in the Analysis Server window and choose from the items in the context menu.
Note: Local path resolution will only work if the currently opened solution contains the files in the selected Analysis Server workspace.