Building Applications in the IDE

The following recommends can help improve the performance of building large applications inside Visual Studio.

On multi-CPU machines you can build your applications faster with either parallel build or parallel compilation.

Enable parallel compilation for your projects

To improve the build performance for your projects that include a large number of source files, configure your projects to compilation the source files in parallel. Parallel compilation is the simultaneous compilation of the elements of a project. Once all of the source files have been compiled the IDE performs a synchronization before the link step to produce the executable.

To enable parallel compilation, enable the following settings:

  1. Check Multi-processor compilation on the COBOL page in the project's properties.
  2. In the IDE, click Tools > Options > Micro Focus Tools > General > Projects. Specify the number of concurrent compilations in the COBOL Project Settings.

Enable parallel build of projects

To build your multi-project solutions faster, configure Visual Studio to build its projects in parallel in order to achieve best performance with your builds:

  1. In the IDE, click Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > Build and Run.
  2. Specify a maximum number of parallel builds.