Tutorials: Interface Mapping Toolkit

Includes tutorials that teach you how to use the Interface Mapping Toolkit (IMTK) from the Visual Studio IDE using a demonstration COBOL application to create and access both SOAP and REST Web services, a Java EJB service interface, and a Web service that can be invoked from a CORS-supported browser via an AJAX request script.
Restriction: These Interface Mapping Toolkit tutorials apply only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.


These tutorials are written from the perspective that all of the following is true. If you require specific instructions for any of these items, see the Before you begin a tutorial section that follows:

  • Windows File Explorer is set to show file names and extensions.
  • You have installed the latest version of Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2019 on your local machine using default installation settings.
  • Visual COBOL is started on your local machine.
  • Your parent project directory is c:\tutorials\IMTK. If you choose to use an alternative parent project directory, adjust the instructions accordingly.
  • You have addressed all of the items in the Before you begin a tutorial section below.

Before you begin a tutorial

Set Windows File Explorer options
These tutorials assume that your Windows File Explorer options are set to use the Details layout, and to show file name extensions. See your Windows documentation for more information.
Create a parent project directory
Create a working directory in which to store the projects and other files created or required for this series of tutorials. All tutorials in this set cite a parent project directory of c:\tutorials\IMTK.
Start Visual Studio
If you need instructions to get Visual Studio started on your local machine, see To start Visual Studio.
Note: If Visual Studio prompts you on startup to select an initial action, click Continue without code.


You may do these IMTK tutorials in any order. They are not interdependent.