To deploy to Tomcat

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.

Installing Tomcat Application Server

You can download Tomcat Application Server from, and install it from there.

Starting and Stopping Tomcat

You can start and stop Tomcat from the command line, as follows:

Tomcat 7
  • Run tomcat_home\bin\catalina.bat start to start it.
  • Run tomcat_home\bin\catalina.bat stop to stop it.

Deploying the Application .war File

When you generate a client and a J2SE Bean together, a .war file is generated and placed into the my-project\repos\my-service.deploy directory. The simultaneous generation of both a client and J2SE Bean is supported for Tomcat only.

Tomcat 7
Copy the application .war file from the directory my-project\repos\my-service.deploy\my-service.war into your Tomcat deployment directory which is, by default, tomcat_home\webapps

Undeploying the Application .war File

You can undeploy an application .war file from a Web browser providing a URL constructed as follows:



Tomcat 7
Tomcat stores log files by default in tomcat_home\logs.

Further Information

For further information, see the official Tomcat Web site.