Text Editor General Options

You set general options for the COBOL text editor in Tools > Options > Text Editor > Micro Focus COBOL, and on the General page.
Statement completion
Auto list members
Enables IntelliSense to automatically display a list of the available members of an object when writing code.
Hide advanced members
Hides the members that are marked internally as advanced.
Parameter information
Shows information about the parameters available for functions and procedures.
Enable virtual space
Enables writing in the editor after the end of a line of code.
Word wrap
Enables word wrap for lines of the code that are longer than the visible range.
Apply Cut or Copy command to blank lines when there is no selection
Enables you to copy or cut the blank lines in the code.
Line numbers
Displays the line numbers in the editor.
Enable single-click URL navigation
Enables opening the URLs in the text with a single click of the mouse.
Navigation bar
Displays the navigation bar at the top of the COBOL editor which enables you to use the lists for objects and procedures.