To debug a native COBOL project that compiles to multiple executables

Important: You cannot debug a project that compiles to .int or .gnt code if it is set to package the output files as an .lbr file. Before you can debug such projects you need to disable the setting Package as .lbr on the Application page in your project's properties.
  1. In Solution Explorer, select the project to debug.
  2. Click Debug > Start Debugging. If your project only includes one COBOL program, the IDE starts a debug session.

    If the project includes two or more COBOL programs, this starts Select the program to debug dialog showing all executable files that you can debug.

  3. Set the file type filter set to the desired file type.
  4. Select the executable you want to debug and click Open. This starts the Micro Focus debugger.
  5. Step through the program in the usual way.