This configuration variable determines the behavior when handling existing tables that contain a column of type GUID.

When A_MSSQL_IGNORE_GUID_COLUMNS is set to its default setting of false (Off, 0, or no), you must use COBOL data items that are at least 36 characters in size for GUID columns, otherwise an error is returned when the row is read. When writing or rewriting a row when the GUID data item is too small, SQL Server may produce an error. If you have a GUID that is larger than 36 characters, Database Connectors will only read the first 36 characters; the rest are padded with spaces.

Note: Older ODBC drivers may not be able to handle GUID column types, in which case, the results of those operations are undefined.

If you set A_MSSQL_IGNORE_GUID_COLUMNS to true (on, 1, or yes), columns of type GUID are ignored for any SELECT, UPDATE, or INSERT statements sent to the server. You do not need to specify a COBOL data item for these columns when reading or writing a row.