Import and Build the Sample Project

  1. On your local drive, create a tutorials directory, then create a DataToolsDemo subdirectory. For example, c:\tutorials\DataToolsDemo.
  2. Copy all files from the DataToolsDemo samples directory installed with Visual COBOL, which by default is %PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\Samples\ClassicDataToolsDemo, to your new local c:\tutorials\DataToolsDemo directory.
  3. Start Visual COBOL.
  4. Click File > Open > Project/Solution.
  5. Use the Open Project dialog box to navigate to the local tutorials\DataToolsDemo directory.
  6. Double-click ClassicDataToolsDemo.sln to open it.
  7. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the solution name, select Rename and type DataToolsDemo, and then, similarly, rename the project.
    Note: Double-click Properties and check that Output name is not still showing the previous name; if it is, amend it to DataToolsDemo.
  8. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the DataToolsDemo solution; then select Build Solution.

    This compiles the COBOL program dfdstaff.cbl and creates the dfdstaff.idy file in the output directory of the solution, which is used later in this tutorial.