Downloading Trace Information

If you used CTF on an application that you ran on Microsoft Azure (rather than locally) you must download the CTF trace information from Microsoft Azure table storage before you can view it. To do this you use the ctfazure utility which enables you to list, extract, and delete CTF trace events that have been written to Microsoft Azure table storage

You run the ctfazure utility from the command line and its format is as follows:

ctfazure action parameters



specifies the action that the utility is to perform and can be one of:

Deletes an Microsoft Azure table containing CTF trace events.
Extracts CTF trace events from Microsoft Azure table storage into a local trace file.
Lists Microsoft Azure tables containing CTF trace events.

specify additional information:

-account:account name
The name of the Microsoft Azure storage account.
The Microsoft Azure storage account key.
-file:file name
The name of local trace file to download the CTF trace events to.
The name of the table in Microsoft Azure table storage containing the CTF trace events.
Used with the extract action to specify the type of trace file that is to be created if the table to be downloaded contains both binary and text events. Valid values for trace-type are BINSTORAGE and TEXTSTORAGE.