Embedded SQL Cursors in Older Applications

When using a current version of Visual COBOL with an SQL application that has been:
  • Developed in an earlier Micro Focus COBOL development product or a version of Visual COBOL earlier than 2.1
  • Migrated to a version of Visual COBOL later than 2.1
Consider setting BEHAVIOR=UNOPTIMIZED as a temporary solution that enables you to compile and run these applications on the newer versions of Visual COBOL.

BEHAVIOR=UNOPTIMIZED sets OpenESQL to the default behavior that existed in older versions of our software, and therefore handles ambiguously declared embedded SQL cursors using the behavior that was the default when the application was developed. Apply this temporary solution to applications that contain the following:

However, because this temporary solution does not provide optimized performance, we recommend that you eventually update your older SQL applications to take advantage of the current Visual COBOL optimization features. To do this: