Connecting to a data source

The OpenESQL Assistant must first connect to a data source before it can generate SQL. All data sources cataloged on your workstation for the database type you have selected as your OpenESQL Assistant Mode option (ODBC or ADO.NET) are listed in the tree view of the OpenESQL Assistant. By default, the connection is made automatically after you select a database from the tree view. After you have connected, all of the table names in the data source show on the tree view. You can only connect to one data source at a time.

Important: You must connect to a 32-bit data source even if the generated application targets a 64-bit platform.
  • You can use the ADO.NET Connection Editor to catalog other data sources as ADO.NET data providers.
  • If you have not provided a User name and Password in your OpenESQL Assistant options, you might receive a connect error. In this case, OpenESQL Assistant prompts you for your User ID and Password.