Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.

The 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT variable sets the conditions in which Database Connectors issues an automatic COMMIT WORK operation. Valid values are:



The run time system tracks the number of logical locks that are currently in effect. When the number of logical locks reaches zero, the run time system assumes that a transaction is complete and issues a COMMIT statement
n When set to a nonzero value, the run time system tracks the number of WRITE, REWRITE, and DELETE operations, until the value of 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT is reached, at which time the run time system issues a COMMIT statement. The READ, START, and READ NEXT operations do not count toward this total, because the run time system is tracking data-altering operations rather than logical record locks. The disadvantage of this method is that when a COMMIT is issued, any record locks held by the run time system are released
-1 No commit is issued by Database Connectors

When 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT is set to -1, the alternatives are:

A COMMIT WORK is, however, issued on exit from the run time system (for example, on execution of a STOP RUN).



A commit is issued when no locks are held, either because all files that had locked records are closed, or because a COBOL COMMIT verb has been issued. This is the default value.

Note that some data sources lose the current row when a COMMIT or ROLLBACK is executed. For these data sources, setting 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT to 0 can slow performance.


A commit is issued after n operations. WRITE, REWRITE, and DELETE count towards n; READ, START, and READ NEXT do not.


No commit is issued by Database Connectors. When 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT is set to -1, the only way to perform a commit or rollback is to call your database query tool with COMMIT WORK or ROLLBACK WORK.

  • 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT can be set in the ACUFH configuration file only
  • 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT is available only in the Database Connectors for DB2 interface