Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.

Using a timestamp column is the only way to absolutely ensure that modifications made to a row are not overwriting someone else's changes. When it's reading a table that is open for I/O,Database Connectors for MssQL uses BROWSE MODE if a timestamp column exists. When Database Connectors is creating a table, if the value of A_MSSQL_ADD_TIMESTAMP is TRUE, a timestamp column is included in the table. (Note that your COBOL FD should not include the timestamp column.) While the default value is Off (false, no), this variable can also take values of On (true, yes).

Note: Microsoft discourages the use of BROWSE MODE on Select statements because of performance reasons. Therefore, unless it is absolutely necessary, do not set this variable to On.


Note: If you do not use this option, be prepared for REWRITE statements to fail with an error stating that someone else has modified the row. Because of the AcuLocks1 tables, this can happen only from non-COBOL applications. For information about AcuLocks1 tables, see Table Locking.