To specify line numbering options

You can configure the IDE options for line numbering as follows:

  1. In the IDE, click Tools > Options.
  2. Expand Text Editor > Micro Focus COBOL, and click the Line Numbering tab.
  3. Select the style in which you want your source numbered:
    • COBOL (left-hand margin) - numbers run down the left-hand side of the source.
    • Standard (right-hand margin) - numbers run down the right-hand side of the source.
    • Show warning dialog when source format is Free or Variable - enables a warning when the source code is not in fixed source format.

      This dialog is displayed when your source files use a free or variable source format and there might be valid code in the areas where renumbering and unnumbering insert or remove numbers.

  4. Click OK.

Alternatively, click the downward arrow next to the renumber button, Toggle COBOL line numbering mode, in the COBOL toolbar and click Options and Settings.