To debug a native COBOL program running remotely

  • The following applies to native code only.
  • If debugging a program or a process on a remote UNIX machine, ensure that the remote machine has an X Window implementation installed and running before you start debugging. This ensures that the output of the remote program can be viewed on your local machine.
  1. Set up remote debugging.
  2. On your local machine, build your project for debugging.
  3. Configure your project for debugging when the application is running on the remote machine as follows:
    1. Navigate to your project's properties - click Project > Properties.
    2. Go to the Debug tab.
    3. Set Launch to Executable.
    4. In the Executable field, specify the full path on the remote machine, and the name of the executable. For example:
      • On Windows, specify: c:\path\myapp.exe
      • On UNIX, specify: home/path/appexecutable

      Alternatively, to attach the debugger to a program running remotely, select Wait for debuggable attachment from the Launch drop-down and choose the means by which you want to attach to the remote application.

    5. Check Use remote machine.
    6. Fill in the IP address or name of the remote machine.
  4. Click Debug > Start Debugging .
Note: When stepping inline is enabled, you need to have the application sources loaded in Visual Studio before the debugger can step through the copybooks inline. If the source files are not available, the debugger opens the copybooks in a separate tab in the editor.