Test Coverage Tag File

Note: This facility is supported in native COBOL only.

The test coverage tag file is used by TCReport to identify tags in your source code, enabling TCReport to provide information specific to the tagged lines.

The tag file is a text file that contains a list of the tags for which you want information, and a keyword specifying which margin of your source code your tags are in.

The format of the tag file is:

tag1, [tag2, ...]
# comment
where the parameters are:
The margin used by your tags. This can be set to either:
  • @LEFT, which specifies that your tags are in the left margin (columns 1 through 6)
  • @RIGHT, which specifies that your tags are in the right margin (columns 73 through 80).

You can specify one keyword or the other, but not both. By default, margin is set to @LEFT.

tag1, [tag2, ...]
A comma-separated list of tags. The list can contain up to 20 tags. You can also split the list over multiple lines. In this case you need not delimit the last item in the line with a comma. For example:
new1, new2, new7
upd4, upd5,up8
The # indicates a comment line. Comment text is optional.