Concatenation Expressions

A concatenation expression consists of two operands separated by the concatenation operator.

General Format

Syntax for General Format for Concatenation Expressions

Syntax Rules

  1. Both operands must be of the same class, except that a figurative constant may be specified as one or both operands. Neither operand must be numeric. Neither literal-1 nor literal-2 must be a figurative constant that begins with the word ALL.
  2. ISO2002 The length of the value resulting from concatenation must be less than or equal to 160 character positions.

General Rules

  1. The class of the concatenation expression resulting from the concatenation operation must be:
    1. When one of the operands is a figurative constant, the class of the literal or concatenation expression that constitutes the other operand, or
    2. When both of the operands are figurative constants, the class alphanumeric, or
    3. The same class as the operands.
  2. The value of a concatenation expression must be the concatenation of values of the literals, figurative constants and concatenation expressions of which it is composed.
  3. A concatenation expression must be equivalent to a literal of the same class and value, and may be used anywhere a literal of that class may be used.