The BASIS Statement

The BASIS statement identifies that the program (the edit control file and the COBOL source file) is to be submitted to your COBOL system under the BASIS mechanism rules.

General Format

Syntax for General Format for the BASIS statement

Syntax Rules

  1. The BASIS statement must be the first line of the edit control file.
  2. The BASIS reserved word can commence anywhere between columns 1 and 66 of the statement line.
  3. Sequence numbers can be included anywhere in columns 1 through 6 of the statement and must be followed by a space.
  4. Text-name defines a unique external file-name which conforms to the rules for user-defined words. Lower case is translated into upper case. External-file-name-literal is an alphanumeric literal enclosed in quotation marks, which conforms to the operating system rules for file-names.

General Rules

  1. Text-name or external-file-name-literal determines the COBOL source file to be edited by the control file.
  2. The editing of the COBOL source file is determined by the INSERT and DELETE statements in the edit control file.