Mixed Literals

DBCS characters can be included in nonnumeric literals. A nonnumeric literal that includes DBCS characters is called a mixed literal. In such a literal, SBCS characters are represented by SBCS codes and DBCS characters by DBCS codes. Each space character is represented by the SBCS code for space.

On output both the SBCS and the DBCS codes will be recognized. The first byte of a DBCS code is never a valid SBCS code; hence the two can be used together without confusion. But in operations within the program the literal will be treated as an ordinary nonnumeric literal. It is the programmer's responsibility to ensure that the two halves of a DBCS code do not get separated.

A nonnumeric literal is of category alphanumeric, not DBCS, regardless of whether it includes DBCS characters.

A mixed literal cannot be continued across lines.

MF This restriction has been removed.