Debugging Lines

A debugging line is any line with a "D" or "d" in the indicator area of the line. Any debugging line that consists solely of spaces from margin A to margin R is considered the same as a blank line.

The contents of a debugging line must be such that a syntactically correct program is formed with or without the debugging lines being considered as comment lines.

A debugging line will be considered to have all the characteristics of a comment line, if the WITH DEBUGGING MODE clause is not specified in the SOURCE-COMPUTER paragraph.

Successive debugging lines are allowed. Continuation of debugging lines is permitted, except that each continuation line must contain a "D" or "d" in the indicator area, and character-strings can not be broken across two lines.

A debugging line is permitted in the program only after theOBJECT-COMPUTER paragraph .

Note: Debugging lines are part of the ANSI Nucleus and not the ANSI Debug module. Therefore, they are not obsolete and are not scheduled to be deleted from the next full revision of the ANSI Standard.