The USAGE Clause

General Format

The following format of the USAGE clause is supported:

Syntax for General Format for the USAGE clause

Syntax Rules

  1. COMP and COMPUTATIONAL are synonymous.
  2. COMP-0 and COMPUTATIONAL-0 are synonymous.

General Rules

  1. USAGE IS COMPUTATIONAL means the same as USAGE IS DISPLAY, if you set the MS Compiler directive when you submit your source code to your COBOL system.
  2. USAGE IS COMP-0 is allowed only with numeric items. If an item is described with a PICTURE no larger than S9(4), the effect is a data item whose description is PIC S9(4) USAGE COMP; that is, a 2-byte signed binary item. Otherwise, the effect is a data item with the PICTURE clause actually specified and with USAGE DISPLAY.