The Special-Names Paragraph (Siemens BS2000 COBOL)

ARGUMENT-NAME, ARGUMENT-VALUE, ENVIRONMENT-NAME and ENVIRONMENT-VALUE may be specified in the Special-Names paragraph for use in ACCEPT and DISPLAY statements. Their use is consistent with the X/Open Portability Guide and the Micro Focus implementation.

An implementor-name is a system-name and must be a name from the left column of the following table. The implementor-names and their meanings are:

Implementor-name Meaning
COMPILER-INFO used in ACCEPT statement
CONSOLE System or main console or subconsole; used in ACCEPT and DISPLAY statements
CPU-TIME used in ACCEPT statement
DATE-ISO4 used in ACCEPT statement
JV_jobvariable-name used in ACCEPT and DISPLAY statements
PRINTER System logical printer; used in DISPLAY statement
PRINTER01 ... PRINTER99 treated as PRINTER-1
PROCESS-INFO used in ACCEPT statement
SYSIPT SYSOPT treated as comment
TERMINAL used in ACCEPT and DISPLAY statements; same as CONSOLE
TERMINAL-INFO used in ACCEPT statement
TSW-0 ... TSW-31 task switches, used in SET statement and in compares
USW-0 ... USW-31 user switches, used in SET statement and in compares

The mnemonic-name can be the same as the implementor-name. For example:


JV_jobvariable-name, TSW-n, and USW-n only work when the BS/2000 add-on is present to provide the necessary run-time support.