The Factory Paragraph

The Factory paragraph indicates that this Identification Division is introducing a factory definition.

General Format

Note: This syntax is no longer required and is not recommended. It is supported for backward compatibility.

Syntax for General Format for the Factory paragraph

Syntax Rules

  1. Interface-name-1 must be the name of an interface specified in the Repository paragraph of the containing class definition.
  2. Each method prototype in each implemented interface must be such that the factory interface of this class conforms to all implemented interfaces.
  3. FACTORY and STATIC are synonymous.

General Rules

  1. The IMPLEMENTS clause specifies the names of the interfaces that are implemented by the factory object of the containing class according to section Interface Implementation in the chapter Language Fundamentals.
  2. A factory object implements an interface int-1 in the following cases:
    1. The factory object is defined with an IMPLEMENTS clause specifying int-1,
    2. The factory object implements an interface that inherits int-1,
    3. The class containing the factory object inherits a class whose factory object implements int-1.