The REPORT Clause (Report Writer)

The REPORT clause specifies the names of reports that comprise a report file.

General Format

Syntax for the General format of the REPORT clause

Syntax Rules

  1. Each report-name specified in a REPORT clause must be the subject of a RD entry in the report section of the same program. The order of appearance of the report-names is not significant.
  2. A report-name must appear in only one REPORT clause.

    OSVS  A report-name can appear in two REPORT clauses.

  3. The subject of a file description entry that specifies a REPORT clause can be referenced in the procedure division only by the USE statement, the CLOSE statement, or the OPEN statement with the OUTPUT or EXTEND phrase.

General Rules

  1. The presence of more than one report-name in a REPORT clause indicates that the file contains more than one report.
  2. After execution of an INITIATE statement and before the execution of a TERMINATE statement for the same report file, the report file is under the control of the RWCS. While a report file is under the control of the RWCS, no input-output statement can be executed which references that report file.
  3. ANS85  If the associated file connector is an external file connector, every file description entry in the run unit which is associated with that file connector must describe it as a report file.