The SOURCE Clause (Report Writer)

The SOURCE clause identifies the sending data item that is moved to an associated printable item defined in a report group description entry.

General Format

Syntax for the General format of the SOURCE clause

Syntax Rules

  1. Identifier-1 can be defined in any section of the data division or be a function-identifier. If identifier-1 is a report section item it must be a:
    1. PAGE-COUNTER, or:
    2. LINE-COUNTER, or:
    3. Sum counter that is part of the report within which the SOURCE clause appears.
  2. Identifier-1 specifies the sending data item of the implicit MOVE statement that the RWCS executes to move the content of the data item referenced by identifier-1 to the printable item. Identifier-1 must be defined such that it conforms to the rules for sending items in the MOVE statement. (See the section The MOVE Statement.)

General Rules

  1. The RWCS formats the print lines of a report group just prior to presenting the report group. (See the section The TYPE Clause.) It is at this time that the implicit MOVE statements specified by SOURCE clauses are executed by the RWCS.