The SUPPRESS Statement (Report Writer)

The SUPPRESS statement causes the RWCS to inhibit the presentation of a report group.

General Format


Syntax Rules

  1. The SUPPRESS statement can only appear in a USE BEFORE REPORTING procedure.

General Rules

  1. The SUPPRESS statement inhibits presentation only for the report group named in the USE procedure in which the SUPPRESS statement appears.
  2. The SUPPRESS statement must be executed each time the presentation of the report group is to be inhibited.
  3. When the SUPPRESS statement is executed, the RWCS is instructed to inhibit the processing of the following report group functions:
    1. The presentation of the print lines of the report group.
    2. The processing of all LINE clauses in the report group.
    3. The processing of the NEXT GROUP clause in the report group.
    4. The adjustment of LINE-COUNTER.
  4. OSVS  The SUPPRESS PRINTING function can also be achieved by moving the value 1 to the special register PRINT- SWITCH.

    The statement


    has exactly the same effect as the statement