XML Syntax - DELETE Statement

The DELETE statement in XML syntax deletes an XML element and all sub-elements from the in-memory representation of an XML document.


XML Syntax - DELETE statement

Syntax Rules:

  1. File-name-1 is the filename as declared in the SELECT statement with ORGANIZATION IS XML.
  2. Data-name-1 can be qualified, and references a data item whose declaration includes an IDENTIFIED BY clause and is included in the XD record declarations for file-name-1.

General Rules:

  1. When you specify DELETE KEY IS, this deletes the internal representation of the elements and child elements associated with data-name-1. All other elements represented in the record remain unchanged.
  2. No stream I/O is actually performed by the DELETE statement.
  3. If the internal representation of the XML document is modified through the use of WRITE KEY, REWRITE KEY, or DELETE KEY, and the internal representation is cleared with either a CLOSE or READ (no key) statement, then the CLOSE or READ statement will return a status of -10, indicating the operation succeeded but no write was done.