Profiler Output

When you run Profiler, the following banner is displayed in the report:

* Micro Focus COBOL Profiler
* name-1
* name-n

where name is one of the files in your project or one of the files listed in filenames, if you are running Profiler from the command line.

The Profiler output lists an overview of the number of times that each program is loaded, and gives the total execution time (in milliseconds) for the program. The results are then broken down for each section (and paragraph) in the program:

Output Description
%time Total percentage of execution time spent in the named section or paragraph
time Total time (in milliseconds) spent in the named section or paragraph
entries Number of times the named section or paragraph was entered
micros/entry Average time (in milliseconds) per entry to the section or paragraph
(paragraph OF) Section The section (and paragraph) to which the performance statistics apply.

The product of the micros/entry and the number of entries should equal the total time spent in the section (or paragraph); however, because all three values are truncated, there can be a slight discrepancy.

Note: Profiler reports can include unnamed paragraphs that appear if a program has sections or divisions without subsequent paragraphs, or in-line PERFORM and EVALUATE statements.