Product Overview

The Micro Focus COBOL extension provides support for compiling, editing, and debugging COBOL source code in Visual Studio Code on Windows and Linux.

Main Features

Features include:
  • Editing support for COBOL code - basic syntax colorization, source format and dialect recognition are available.
  • Compilation of COBOL code - supports the compiling of source files when either an Eclipse project or a Visual Studio solution file is present, or using custom build scripts.
  • Debugging of COBOL code - support is available for native COBOL code and for .NET Core COBOL projects. Features include: debug configurations, breakpoints, watchpoints and COBOL program breakpoints, inline values of variables, debugging of applications running on a remote machine or in an Enterprise Server instance, and just-in-time debugging (JIT).
  • Compiling and debugging require a fully licensed version of a Micro Focus Visual COBOL or Enterprise Developer product installed on the same machine. See Requirements for Running the Extension for details.
  • This documentation includes references to COBOL terminology and functionality that are provided with Micro Focus Enterprise Developer or Visual COBOL. See the documentation of these products for details.