Setting Common Compiler Directives with

Use one or more common directive files,, to set directives for compiling multiple applications written in one or more programming languages without having to specify all directives individually. Common directives files contain multiple directives that can be applied to multi-language applications at compile time, ensuring that a common set of directives is applied to multiple applications.

The file format is supported in the Micro Focus COBOL extension, which includes code completion, Outline view, and diagnostic information.

Create a file

Create a text file called and follow the editorconfig style when writing the file. You can create multiple files in different subdirectories. All directives files will be picked up by the Compiler and where an individual directive is defined in multiple locations the most recently compiled file will overwrite previous directives.

For information about how to write a file, see Creating a in the Micro Focus Visual COBOL or Micro Focus Enterprise Developer product documentation.