Customize Build Tasks

To customize an existing build task:

  1. Click Terminal > Configure Tasks.
  2. Select the task to configure - for example, COBOL: MSBuild (projname.cblproj).

    This creates a tasks.json file in your folder. This file contains the custom build tasks for the current workspace:

        "version": "2.0.0",
        "tasks": [
                "type": "COBOL",
                "msBuildExe": "path to \\MSBuild.exe",
                "buildTarget": "path\\projname.cblproj",
                "group": "build",
                "problemMatcher": [
                "group": "build",
                "label": "COBOL: MSBuild (projname.cblproj)",
  3. You can add any settings as required. For example, add the following to the list of argument in your task, if you want this build to compile for release:
                "args": ["/p:configuration=release"]

    The following examples show how you can specify multiple arguments:

    • Specify them separately:
                  "args": ["/p:Configuration=Release", "/p:Platform=x86"]
    • Specify them as a single argument:
                  "args": ["/p:Configuration=Release,Platform=x86" ]
      Or, enclosed in single quotes if separated by a semicolon:
                  "args": ["'/p:Configuration=Release;Platform=x86'" ]