Product Overview

The Micro Focus Enterprise extension provides support for compiling, editing, and debugging COBOL and PL/I source code as well as editing support for Mainframe Assembler, BMS, IMS, and JCL code in Visual Studio Code on Windows and Linux. Support for the COBOL language is supplied by the Micro Focus COBOL extension which is installed when you install the Micro Focus Enterprise extension.

Main Features

Features include:
  • Editing support for PL/I, Mainframe Assembler, BMS, IMS, and JCL. The COBOL editor support includes basic syntax colorization, source format, dialect recognition, comments, and COBOL tabs.
  • Compilation of COBOL, PL/I, BMS, IMS, and Mainframe Assembler code - supports the compiling of source files when either an Eclipse project or a Visual Studio solution file is present, or using custom build scripts.
  • Debugging of native COBOL or PL/I code - offers debug configurations, breakpoints, watchpoints and COBOL program breakpoints, PL/I data breakpoints, conditions and signals, inline values of variables, debugging of applications running on a remote machine or in an Enterprise Server instance, and just-in-time debugging (JIT).
  • Debugging of .NET Core COBOL programs - offers breakpoints, variables, stepping through code.
  • Compiling, debugging, and the advanced editor features provided by the COBOL Language Server require a fully licensed version of a Micro Focus Enterprise Developer product installed on the same machine. See Additional Software Requirements for details.
  • This documentation includes references to COBOL and PL/I terminology and functionality that are provided with Micro Focus Enterprise Developer. See the documentation of these products for details.