The following conventions describe the SQL syntax supported by Micro Focus XDBC. There are no rules pertaining to the number of words you put on a line or where the line breaks. The number of words and line breaks used in this section are strictly for readability.

Convention     Description
CAPS Capital letters indicate the word is a keyword (command)
MIXed Capitals mixed with lower-case letters indicate that the word is a keyword, but you can type either the full word or just the letters in capitals
lower Lowercase words are variables; you supply your own
{  } Curly braces indicate you must choose at least one of the enclosed options
[  ] Brackets indicate you can choose one or more of the enclosed options, or none of them
(  )  Parentheses are part of the command. Type them just as they appear
  | A vertical bar separates mutually exclusive options. You can choose only one
  , A comma separates multiple options. You can choose as many options as you like, but include commas in the command between choices
  ... The ellipses (three dots) mean you can repeat the marked section or commands as many times as you like