Summary of Supported SQL Commands

This section provides a concise list of each supported command's syntax. For detailed descriptions of each command, including syntax, descriptions, use, and examples, follow the links for specific commands in the section SQL Commands.

If you are writing commands from an ODBC or JDBC application, that application must also support the same commands as Micro Focus XDBC for the command to function properly.

   ON table_name
     (column_name (ASC | DESC) (,column_name (ASC | DESC)) ... )

CREATE SYNONYM synonym_name
  FOR object_name

CREATE TABLE table_name
   (column_name datatype (NOT NULL)
      (, column_name datatype (NOT NULL)) ...)

CREATE VIEW view_name
      ((column_name(, column_name) ...))
   AS subselect

DELETE FROM {table_name | view_name} (correlation_name)
   (WHERE search_condition)

DROP INDEX index_name

DROP SYNONYM synonym_name

DROP TABLE table_name

DROP VIEW view_name

GRANT database_priv., ..  TO { grantee } IDENTIFIED by { password }
GRANT object_priv., ON object_name  TO { grantee., …} |  PUBLIC [WITH GRANT OPTION]

INSERT INTO table_name
   [ (column_list)]
   { VALUES (constant_list)
REVOKE { privilege., ..} FROM  { grantee }

    privilege ::= 
       { CONNECT 
       | DBA
       | RESOURCE }

SELECT [ALL | DISTINCT ] select_list
   FROM {table_name | view_name} (corr_name)
      (, {table_name | view_name} (corr_name)) ...
   (WHERE search_condition)
   (GROUP BY column_name (, column_name) ...)
   (HAVING search_condition)
   (ORDER BY {column_name | select_list_number } (ASC | DESC)) ... )

SET PASSWORD {old_password} {new_password}

UPDATE {table_name | view_name} (correlation_name)
   column_name = {expression | NULL}
      (column _name = {expression | NULL} ) ...
   (WHERE search_condition)