Licensing Micro Focus XDBC

Micro Focus XDBC is a separately licensed add-on product. It requires its own license activation, which is distinct from the activation information you received for your COBOL development or runtime system.

Note: Micro Focus XDBC comes with a free 30-day trial license. Licenses for the XDBC Client product need to be installed on the machine where the XDBC Server product resides.

Licensing for a Windows Server

Licensing is handled by Sentinel RMS for the local server (Micro Focus XDBC Local) or remote server product (Micro Focus XDBC Server). You can execute it from the Start menu item that was created during the installation. For example: Micro Focus License Manager > License Management System or you can find and run CesAdminTool.exe in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WINNT.
Note: The SafeNet Sentinel installation directory varies depending on your Windows operating system version.

For more detailed information on using Sentinel RMS, launch the utility and click the Help menu item.