Starting Micro Focus XDBC on the Server (Network Only)

If you or your users are operating in a network environment, the final step is to start the Micro Focus XDBC Server daemon on the server. If you are operating on a local machine, this step is not necessary; you can begin using ODBC applications to access your data right away.

Micro Focus XDBC Server can be started under any user ID on the system. In this mode, all file access will be performed using the user and group ID under which the daemon was started. You also have the option of startingMicro Focus XDBC under the root or superuser account and turning on operating system (OS) authorization checking with the -a option. This option lets one user start a process and pass ownership to another. In this mode, you must pass a valid operating system user ID and password as part of the connect string. Micro Focus XDBC Server uses this information to perform an OS authentication of the user and then spawn a process to handle the requests using this user information.

To perform these functions on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 server, you should be logged in from the Administrator account or from an account that belongs to the Administrators group.