Micro Focus XDBC provides broad flexibility in the way your COBOL data is accessed and maintained. Micro Focus XDBC lets you retrieve and update COBOL indexed files, relative files, and sequential files from Windows-based applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. Business Intelligence tools such as Crystal ReportsĀ® Professional, and custom applications developed in ODBC-supported environments such as Visual BasicĀ® are supported as well. Special functionality lets you retrieve data through Java applications that use JDBC standards. Direct SQL access to your COBOL data is available in Windows environments, in both single and two-tier configurations.

You can use Micro Focus XDBC with any of the following Micro Focus COBOL development and runtime systems:

  • Net Express 5.1
  • Studio Enterprise Edition 6.0
  • Visual COBOL 2010 R3
  • Server for COBOL 5.1
  • Server Enterprise Edition 6.0
  • COBOL 2010 Runtime

This manual describes how to configure and use Micro Focus XDBC to access data from ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) enabled applications. It also describes what SQL commands and relational database concepts users can apply to a COBOL database.