Starting xdbcquery from mfsql

For your convenience, a script file named mfsql.bat is included with Micro Focus XDBC. You can use this file to start xdbcquery and connect to a database and system catalog, either locally or on a remote machine. The xdbcquery script has the following usage:

 mfsql [-c config] [-u user] [-p password] [-r script]
             [-s server] [-n port]
Option Parameter Default Description
-c configuration filename mfdbc.cfg Specifies the configuration file that identifies the database and catalog location, which is %GENESIS_HOME% on Windows
-u user name system Specifies the user name to connect to the database as
-p password manager Specifies the password for the user
-r script name none Runs the specified script
-s server none Specifies a name or IP address
-n port 20222 Specifies the port to connect to


mfsql -u mary -p 123

Because no configuration file was specified in this example, this command connects the user Mary to the database and catalog specified in the mfdbc.cfg configuration file.

Note: You can modify the defaults used by all of the script files by editing the mfxset file located in your installation's bin directory. This allows you a convenient way to set your site-specific defaults without having to place them in the directory. Each script file provides command-line options to override each default.