xdbcquery Commands

Once xdbcquery is started, you can view a list of command options and other helpful information by executing the /? command. Doing so displays the following information:

Option Parameter Description
/c connect_string Connect to a database
/x c r [u] Commit or Rollback transaction and, if u is specified, start a read/write transaction
/d s tstring Describe an SQL statement or table
/r file name Run statements/commands from a file; files can be chained, but not nested
/o cmd parameters Execute driver command
/m mask Set datetime format mask
/n null Indicates what to display for a NULL value; default is blank
/l N N lines displayed for SELECT; "0" for continuous
/p [N T [data]]

Just /p to reset


  • "N" is parameter number (zero-based)
  • "T" is one of the following data types:
    • B - binary
    • C - character
    • D - date time
    • I - integer
    • N - number
/v y n Verbose messages - n for errors only
/b - Display database request block
/s N Sleep for N seconds
/? or /h - Help screen
/q - Quit session and exit