Setting or Switching the COBOL Runtime on Windows

Users can set or switch the COBOL runtime that the Micro Focus XDBC Server uses by altering configuration settings. This means that you can install Micro Focus XDBC first, and then add the COBOL runtime product it uses later.

The XDBC 2.0 installer sets the following environment variables:

  • MFXDBC_BIN=XDBC_2.0_bin_directory
  • MFXDBC_COBDIR=COBOL_runtime_bin_directory

Where MFXDBC_COBDIR and MFXDBC_BIN are set depending on what you selected during the installation. If you choose to work with a different COBOL runtime you would set MFXDBC_COBDIR to the bin directory of that COBOL runtime. As an alternative, you can specify the paths directly in the PATH variable, for example:

PATH=XDBC_2.0_bin_directory; COBOL_runtime_bin_directory;%PATH%

Important: Make sure that the path for MFXDBC_BIN is specified before the path for MFXDBC_COBDIR. In addition, the MFXDBC_BIN and MFXDBC_COBDIR paths must be listed before any other COBOL runtime paths, as older versions of the COBOL runtime might have executables and libraries with the same names as the ones installed with Micro Focus XDBC Version 2.0.