Using a Silent Install

The Micro Focus XDBC Client installation program, xdbc-client.exe, can be run silently from a command line or batch file, which enables ISVs to include this executable as part of their installation program, or for system administrators to install the Micro Focus XDBC Client on their target user's machines.

Performing a Silent Install

From a command line or batch file execute the following command:

xdbc-client.exe /S /v"/qn"


  • xdbc-client.exe is the install file.
  • /s and /qn specify installing silently.
  • /v"…" passes switches to the .msi file within the installable .exe file.

The setup will:

  • install the files into the following directory:

    C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\XDBC Client 2.0

  • Add the bin sub-directory of the install directory to your PATH.

Testing the Install

You can test the install of your Client from a command prompt:

  1. Open a command window.
  2. Go to the bin subdirectory of your install location:

    cd C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\XDBC Client 2.0\bin

  3. Test that the server is operational by running the following XDBC ping utility command:
     xdbcping [-pport#] host


    • -pport# is an optional port number for if the server was started on a port other than the default of 20222.
    • host is the name or IP address of the host to contact.